Saturday, January 7, 2017

In Preparation of Term 1 Week 2 (T1W2)

1. Update of SDM
Several parents' email addresses and telephone numbers are still not updated!
SDM data verification form must be signed and returned.
SDM must be updated for us to contact you regarding school news, class information, individual results and emergency.

2. SST School Progress Report Book
To be brought to school ASAP

3. Stationery Supplies
Please bring your:
1. Pens (dark blue, black, green and red)
2. Pencils + sharpener or Mechanical pencil with lead refills
3. 1general notebook for all classes and reminders
4. Subject specific notebooks or journal books
5. Hole punch- for filing papers
6. Stapler
7. Short ruler
8. Eraser and correction tape
9. Subject specific files- for lesson handouts and worksheets
10. Coloured Plastic folders- to organise your homework and completed work for submission
11. Highlighters
12. Post it notes
13. Pencil case/box

You may wish to prepare 2 sets of supplies. A set to be kept in your school locker for school use and another set for use at home. In this way, you need not have to carry the extra load of stationery to and from home everyday.

4. Personal Grooming and Hygiene
Be a proud member of the SST community!
(Check your hair, nails, SST uniform, S&W attire, socks and shoes.)

5. Classroom Cleaning
Each student to bring 2 cleaning rags and a small bucket. They will be used daily and kept in your locker.

6. Class and Individual Photograph Taking
Monday 9 Jan (10:30-10:45 am) at the Foyer.

Always read ahead to prepare for your lessons!

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