Thursday, January 12, 2017

To-Do List (12 January)

Hi guys,
these are the things needed to do today.

Complete the slides online on Google Slides by next ADMT lesson.
Add more pictures and describe the pictures

2. Chinese (Express) Classroom Change
For the next Chinese lesson, the classroom is Lecture Theater
记得复习课文一,《新老师新同学》。也记得去QuizLet, 和到Google Classroom 查看如果有东西需要做。

3. Mathematics A4 Notebook Decoration
Decorate your Mathematics Notebook. Put something related to Mathematics and related to you.

4. Childhood Photo
We have decided on a theme for our class, it is childhood pictures. Please send me or Audrey the childhood pictures via Whatsapp or Email as soon as possible. Ask around if you do not know my number.


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