Saturday, January 28, 2017

To-do List for CNY Break

Hi guys,
Because Hansen is busy these few days and rarely has time to post what is the homework, I'm going to take over for a while.
So here's the homework:

1. English

Do a profile of a 2053 citizen by referring to The Pedestrian and using the STEAL method , and also do the setting drawing. All of these are to be done in your English notebook.

2. Mathematics
Do the performance task practice. Follow the instructions given in the math Google Classroom. The rest of the homework for math can be found on the Maths Blog.  

3. Science
Do the 20 MCQ questions on introduction to Science, Science laboratory & safety, and Scientific Methods.

Film 10 to 50-second videos on how you spend your Chinese New Year with your families. Also, film a video of tips and tricks on how to use your MacBook. (or something like that) Use QuickTime Player for the second homework.

Read up on the Principles of Design and fill up page 2 of your worksheet. Check the ADMT Google classroom for more details.

6. Administrative
Those who haven't filled in your CCA option form, please do it as soon as possible and hand it in by 1 February (Wednesday). Also, the Level Test 1 Schedule is out, do print out a copy for yourself if needed.

That's all the homework, I hope you guys will have a fun Chinese New year by spending quality time with your families!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! ^_^

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