Tuesday, February 28, 2017

IH Level Test (1 March)

Hi everyone,
we have finished the second Level Test, a round of applause for yourself! However, it is not the end yet. Tomorrow is the IH Level Test, here are some things to note.

Things to Bring (IH)
Minimum 2 pens, either Dark Blue or Black
Pencil/Mechanical Pencil

General Things to Note
Bring a transparent pencil case. A ziplock bag would certainly be a better choice if you do not want to purchase a new transparent pencil case.
Secondary/Pre-U Student Concession EZ-Link Card
Strictly no highlighting, or use of a highlighter
DO NOT use correction tape
Calculators/Dictionaries/E-Dictionaries must be affixed with the SST 2017 Sticker
Do not use pencil for all answers except diagrams or graph.

Lastly, ensure you have at least 8 hours of sleep to recharge your human batteries. Cause and effect, with hard work comes reward.


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