Monday, February 27, 2017

Mother Tongue Level Test (28 February)

Hi everyone,
we have finished the first Level Test, congratulate yourself! However, it is not the end yet. Tomorrow is the Mother Tongue Level Test, here are some things to note.
Note: Those not taking Mother Tongue will have to proceed to Tutorial Room 3 for self-study.

Things to Bring (Mother Tongue)
Minimum 2 pens, either Dark Blue or Black
Pencil/Mechanical Pencil

General Things to Note
Bring a transparent pencil case. A ziplock bag would certainly be a better choice if you do not want to purchase a new transparent pencil case.
Secondary/Pre-U Student Concession EZ-Link Card
Strictly no highlighting, or use of a highlighter
DO NOT use correction tape
Calculators/Dictionaries/E-Dictionaries must be affixed with the SST 2017 Sticker
Do not use pencil for all answers except diagrams or graphs
Ensure your E-Dictionary has power in it, check tonight, and if needed buy extra batteries.

Lastly, ensure you bring the right state of mind into the examination room. Work hard, study hard, and after that play hard, your hard work will be rewarded.


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