Tuesday, March 28, 2017

To-Do List (28 March)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

These are the things we need to do today:

Homework (28 March)
Subject Assignment Due Date Time LD Needed? Remarks
Language Arts
Bring an envelope that has your address on it
Read page 2 to page 4 at least 3 times and annotate the model composition on page 3 and 4
29 March

1 hourNo
Higher Chinese Complete the worksheet given out today
Record your video in Toontastic and put it inti the Drive 
29 March 
Express Chinese完成文章
AA draft 1 (script)
完成作文 in the Google Classroom
29 March


Transportation ScienceComplete the graph and the questions at the back of Activity worksheet 130 March30 minNo
Integrated Humanities

Art, Design, Media and Technology

Interdisciplinary Research Studies

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Sports & Wellness


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