Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Common Test (3 May - 9 May)

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
The upcoming test is your Common Test, from 3rd May to 9th May. Below is your schedule on the Common Test.

3rd May: Language Arts Paper 1 and 2
4th May: HMT/MT Paper 1 and 2
5th May: IH Paper, HMT/MT Paper 3
8th May: Mathematics Paper
9th May: Science Paper, Biology (Health Science) and Physics (Transportation Science).
More information on the Common Test can be found here.

Things to Bring
Minimum 2 pens, either Dark Blue or Black
Pencil/Mechanical Pencil
Calculator (For Science and Mathematics)
E-Dictionary (For HMT/MT)
Identification Card

Things to Note
  • Ensure your pencil case is transparent or translucent, not opaque.
  • Do NOT use highlighters, correction tapes, and correction liquids.
  • Ensure you have paid a visit to the toilet before entering the examination room.
  • You are required to call the General Office at +6565717200 to report your absence before 0715h (GMT+8)
  • Calculators/Dictionaries/E-Dictionaries must be affixed with the SST 2017 Sticker.
  • Use pencils for graphs only.
  • Students will only be excused from sitting the test paper only with the presentation of a formal medical certificate or other reasons acceptable to SST.
Refer to your subject blogs for educational materials to improve your grade. Look back at worksheets you have done, and improve on that mistake. Ask around to clear your doubts on something. Last but not least, have a good night's rest before coming to school. Instead of studying hard, study smart :D


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