Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mother Tongue Common Test (4 May)

Hello young ladies and gentlemen,

Next up, we have Mother Tongue as the tested subject for tomorrow! Here are a few things to note.

Things to Bring (Mother Tongue)
Minimum 2 pens, either Dark Blue or Black
Pencil/Mechanical Pencil
Identification Card
Foolscap Paper
Extra Batteries

General Things to Note
  • Ensure your pencil case is transparent or translucent, not opaque. Ensure it is colourless. 
  • Do NOT use highlighters, correction tapes, and correction liquids.
  • Ensure you have paid a visit to the toilet before entering the examination room.
  • You are required to call the General Office at +6565717200 to report your absence before 0715h (GMT+8)
  • Students will only be excused from sitting the test paper only with the presentation of a formal medical certificate or other reasons acceptable to SST.
  • Dictionaries/E-Dictionaries must be affixed with the SST 2017 Sticker.
  • Please only report on days when you have examinations.
  • There are no lessons on examination days.

Location and Timing (Mother Tongue)
Arrive at least 30 minutes before the examination starts
MT Paper 1
Location: Classroom
From 0750h to 0950h

MT Paper 2
Location: Classroom
From 1050h to 1220h

Note that Mother Tongue Paper 3 will be held on 5 May. Go home after your examination ends, ensure you sleep well, eat well, and feel well.


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