Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Post Examinations Activities (10 May - 27 May)

Hello young ladies and gentlemen,

Since examinations are over, we will have some activities planned. Please take note of what to do and other necessary information.

10 May: Vesak Day (Public Holiday)
All Day

11 May: Marking Day (School Holiday)
All Day

12 May: Sports Programme, Golf@Seletar Country Club*
0800 - 1300

15 - 17 May: Special Timetable, Review of Scripts`
All Day

18 May: Verification of Marks`

18 May: Student Leadership Development`

18 May: Preparation for Celebration of Learning (CoL)`

19 May: Track & Field Meet^

22 May: Student Parent Meeting, Celebration of Learning (CoL)`
All Day

23 May: Service Learning, Introduction to Service Learning`

24 May: Service Learning`

25 May: Service Learning`

26 May: Student Leadership Development - Leadership Training`

26 May: Last Day of School`

Please take note of them. Check again on the 11th of May for a more updated schedule.


* = Happening outside of school, transport provided.
` = Happening in school.
^  = Happening outside school, transport not provided.

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