Thursday, July 20, 2017

To-Do List (20 July)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

These are the things we need to do today:

Homework (20 July)
Subject Assignment Due Date Time LD Needed? Remarks
Language Arts
1. Complete the summary for the Binge eating worksheet and write it neatly on page 3 of the worksheet itself.
2. Write summary for "endangered species " in the grid format(should not be more than 80 words)                        
24 July 40 minutes No 
Higher Chinese作文21 July 1 hour No 
Express Chinese1)Chinese AA ( Submit through the assigned google file)
2) Chinese checklist worksheet
21 July 40 Minutes  Yes 
Mathematics10.1 Introduction to Data Handling 21 July 20 Minutes No 
Environmental ScienceGo through the biodiversity quiz and Biodiversity Homework answers and do the corrections. The link-

Integrated Humanities/Geography

Art, Design, Media and Technology Complete the 3M project ( Infographics)28 July 1 Hour Yes 
Interdisciplinary Research Studies
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Complete the underlying causes worksheet.
10 Minutes Yes 
Sports & Wellness
Announcement English Level Test 2
Topics that are going to be tested:
1)Visual Text Comprehension
2 August 
Reminders1)For those who has not completed their story summary please complete them by today
2) Please keep the drugs free brochure for visual text analysis which would be used for lesson next week.
21 July 


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