Thursday, July 6, 2017

To-Do List (6 July)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

These are the things we need to do today:

Homework (5 July)
Subject Assignment Due Date Time LD Needed? Remarks
Language Arts

Higher Chinese习字14
7 July
Express Chinese
Transportation ScienceRemember to get 6 pictures of 3 animals and 3 plants from the pond
Dichotomous key of Pond organisms. It can be found in the Google Classroom

7 July
Integrated Humanities/Geography Ryan and Lek Heng, please write a reflection on the reason why you did not bring your geography textbook today7 July

Art, Design, Media and Technology

Interdisciplinary Research Studies
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Sports & Wellness
Reminders*For those who have not submitted EL holiday homework, please give it to Xing Zi as soon as possible. These are the names of those people who have not handed in their work:
Situational writing:
Ryan Lee


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